Let's hear the experiences of our previous STARTALK student (2009 - 2011)


" I remember sitting on the big beanbags, watching TV shows like Xi Yang Yang (喜羊羊和灰太狼) and reading comic books Lao Fu Zi (Old Master Q). I really had a fun time, meeting new friends and being able to build a really strong bond with them and learning Chinese and the culture. So that's what I really enjoyed the most about being a STARTALK student. "

Flora Hui March 2021 San Francisco


" The thing I enjoyed the most about the STARTALK program was that it didn't feel like a chore or some additional schoolwork on top of the workouts already doing in traditional schooling. It felt like a place where I can learn what I wanted to learn by consuming media. "

Mavin Yan March 2021 San Francisco


" So, the thing that I enjoyed the most, during my time in STARTALK program was definitely the teachers. I think they really transformed the way that I viewed language education. Because prior to that, it was just traditional chalkboard, 50 people in a class and a very strict Chinese teacher. And so the teachers really spent a lot of time to create a relationship with me, which helps me better receive their instruction and then also trust in what they're trying to tell me. "

Wellington Chang March 2021 San Francisco


" I believe it was the blue beanbag. Actually I enjoyed Tin Tin Adventures, still one of my favorite comic books to this day. I remember the technology and media the most. And I remember I enjoyed the use of technology like the iPods and the Mac computers that we use the Mac desktop. We used that to make comics, read comics, watch movies, sing songs and learn songs. I felt like that was the most effective way for me to learn Chinese."

Naeem Chism March 2021 San Francisco


" I would say I enjoy silent reading time the most as well as storytelling in the STARTALK program. Not only did it expand my vocabulary, my reading as well as my writing but it gave me the chance to learn more about the Chinese culture, the history, and the people."

Jana Chism March 2021 San Francisco


" What I remember enjoying the most about the STARTALK program was the access to resources that I had. Specifically, the comics and the cartoons and the snacks. The snacks were fantastic. ".

Julian Kleppe March 2021 San Francisco