Virtual Chinese Book Club

The focus of the Virtual Chinese Book Club is on language development. 

The Book Club will introduce participants to popular Chinese young adult literature to motivate their interest in Chinese and to foster and enhance their Chinese competence. Participants will develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through viewing movie/animation; reading and discussing comic and story.  

Two-Week Residential Summer Camp

The focus of the summer camp is on the learning of Chinese language and culture.  Students will learn about certain aspects of Chinese culture through talks, workshops and field trips to Chinese cultural sites in San Francisco Bay Area.  

Interesting topics and activities that we will cover include Chinese pop music, Chinese film, China’s different ethnic groups and costume design & making,  Chinese opera, Chinese herbal medicine and practice of Qigong, shadow play, drama , cosplay, and games.

Online Forum 

Speakers from around the globe will be invited to share their lived experiences of learning a second foreign language or a heritage language.