Summer Camp Field Trip

Let's explore San Francisco Bay Area together.  Make learning fun!

Field trip options are subject to change based on curriculum schedule. 

Angel Island Immigration Station 

Located in heart of San Francisco Bay, the Angel Island Immigration Station served as an immigration port between 1910 and 1940. Approximately 500,000 immigrants from 80 different countries were processed, detained, and/or interrogated at the site. 

Chinatown’s Public Art Tour 

The tour explores how artists and community members enhance the neighborhood through colorful murals, pagoda-styled architecture, to the everyday practices of tai chi and Cantonese opera performed on the streets and parks, incorporating community history and cultural traditions.

The Chinese Historical Society of America Museum 

The museum collects and preserves the history of Chinese in America by serving as a center for research, scholarship, and learning. 

Asian Art Museum 

The house of the world’s finest collections of Asian art, with more than 18,000 artworks ranging from ancient jades and ceramics to contemporary video installations. 

Historical Chinatown Tour with Dining Experience 

Chinese cuisine is intertwined in Chinese culture. Students will be able to explore Chinatown, the wet market, dim sum restaurants, learn about the etiquette and how to order a meal at traditional Chinese restaurants.

Chinese Movie Marathon 

A great old-fashioned movie night with a classic and entertaining selection of Chinese movies of different genres.

A Journey into Health Qigong  

Witness Qi effect from the true Qigong master in California University - Silicon Valley. The master is going to share how to practice Qigong. "With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, qigong is traditionally viewed by the Chinese and throughout Asia as a practice to cultivate and balance qi, translated as "life energy". "

San Francisco Main Library Chinese Center

The Chinese Center, part of the International Center, contains books in English and in Chinese about China, Chinese culture and the Chinese in United States. The library carries books and other materials including magazines, audiobooks, CDs and DVDs in Chinese.